252- The Destiny Instinct

Today’s existential global issues can often feel so daunting that it fills us with a sense of dread, misery, and powerlessness.

Slow and steady change often feels insufficient relative to the scale and scope of the challenges we face – but if we look at history to see the challenges that our grandparents’ generation managed to overcome, we can see that incremental change compounds over time.

Large institutional systems and processes might look too big to change, but they’re constantly in motion – adapting to the changes in technology, culture, and religion – often for the better.

Most global issues solved by previous generations must have felt equally insurmountable. To gain perspective, study the history of systemic changemaking and internalize how we have the power to shape our own destiny.

ht: Hans Rosling – Factfulness – #Bias #7: The Destiny Instinct

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