310- Testing Beliefs

I recently met a friend who was trying on a new belief structure.

Like a new attire or a different haircut – he had decided he wanted to try on a new mindset and see how that might affect his experience of the world around him.

The belief he had chosen to adopt was one of joyous surrender: “What if I choose to believe that everything happening around me is a good thing? If I remove the duality of good/bad from my life and focus on what is, what would that be like? ”

In doing so, he gets to not only explore different ways of how he shows up in the world but how others react to him showing up in this way and see if that reality works for him.

We can’t control the world, but we can play around with the way it interacts with us.

What’s the last belief you tried on? How did it change your relationships?

ht: Conversations with Heerad Sabeti

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