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206- Regenerative Willpower

I like to think of #willpower as the fuel that powers our dreams.

Like water behind a dam, it represents an incredible amount of energy that we can use to accomplish great things.

If managed correctly, it can run forever – but if you deplete the water faster than it refills itself, you risk burning out.

For the last few years, I’ve tried to build resilience by increasing the size of the proverbial reservoir. I would spend my time toiling away at the dam, preparing my mind and body to normalize the grit, pain, and suffering that greatness demands.

But lately, I’ve been more curious to explore a softer path – One that involves finding and redirecting new streams of water into the reservoir to keep it full.

It’s not just about the upsides of finding a new stream of energy to power our dreams in perpetuity. It’s also about the joy that #exploration, #experimentation, and #play can invite into our lives.

Regenerative willpower is possible. We just need to make time for it.