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139- Time, memory and perspective

#Time and #memory are two ingredients necessary to gain perspective of any situation.

Without time, we can’t see both the intended and unintended consequences of our decisions unfold. And without memory, we would not be able to benchmark the present or predict the future.

Unfortunately, our memory fades with time – and with that, so does our ability to gain valuable perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

Creating and maintaining a time-stamped record of our memories is fundamental to helping us learn and grow from our past experiences. It also allows us to build confidence in ourselves as we inevitably stumble across the conclusion that we will always figure it out.

For me, I journal and blog. What about you?

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138- Fighting Inertia

As #time passes by, new moments are born while others die. Some moments need to die for others to exist, while others can happily live parallel to one another as long as they’re maintained.

Some people enjoy the novelty and excitement of a rapid cycle of rebirth, while others find comfort in the stability that comes from caring and nurturing existing moments.

But what we enjoy and what our disposition attracts can sometimes be at odds with one another.

For example, I love being in a cycle of #rebirth but default to a state of inertia and complacency. Not the best combination.

Thankfully, we are not helpless to our disposition. At any point, we can design stability or chaos into our lives by simply curating our lifestyle, hobbies, and relationships.

130- Efficient Gifting

Photography is a very time-efficient #gift .

It’s a process that takes just a couple of seconds to capture but can be used repeatedly to start a conversation, relive an emotion, or share a story.

As photography shifted from hobby, to profession, to a tool in my toolbelt, the need to protect my ego and career has finally gotten out of the way. Photography is now one of the experiences I can feel comfortable gifting regularly to friends and family.

#Time is a finite resource. What is your portfolio of time-efficient ways to contribute to your community?

122- Easiest vs Next-Easiest

A friend recently recommended a hotel to me.
It was a discounted rate in a good neighborhood at a reasonable price, and best of all, it required nothing more than a simple text message to reserve a spot.

#Time is money, recommendations in foreign countries are always welcome, so it felt like a steal.

Just in case, I did a quick search online. Rather than a room, we had a private compound with a rooftop, jacuzzi, kitchen, laundry, and living room for an even lower price. Within minutes we booked it.

The easy route can be tempting when making simple decisions, especially when time is scarce, but the next-easiest route can offer a far better deal at marginal effort.


114- Improv and Group Dynamics

The key to good group improv is the ability to read and react to a situation.

Only by actively listening with all of your senses can you understand which direction others are going, what will benefit the entire group, and how your unique contribution can enhance the experience for all.

In other words, the key is to balance out your feelings against that of others in a delicate dance to determine if it’s #time to lead, follow, stand out or blend in.

The same is true in everyday group dynamics outside of improv. Don’t inadvertently be that person that inconveniences everyone because they’re not taking the time to read the room properly.

104- Integrity and values

To me, values are like a map that others can read to quickly understand who we are, what we stand for, and how we make decisions.

We draw this map with a combination of the words we use and the actions that we take. When we live with integrity, there is no gap between the two. But when we don’t, the lines of that map begin to blur, and that map becomes hard to follow for those around us.

Values are easy to follow when life is abundant in #time , emotional bandwidth, and financial capital. But the actual test happens when resources become scarce.

Do we stand firm in our values when things get complicated, or do we hide behind them when it’s convenient?

If our actions don’t mirror our words consistently, perhaps it’s time to redefine our values to make it easier for both ourselves and the relationships around us.


76- Untangling string

The key to untangling a pile of string is not to try and fix things all at once but to prevent them from getting worst.

Resolving an #argument is similar. There is no one “right” way to fix the situation, but many ways to antagonize it.

Good and bad decisions compound over time. We can increase our chances of success by designing systems and processes that help eliminate the obviously bad ones that detract us from the desired outcome.

From there, all that remains is to stay focused, adaptable, and aware of the situation as it evolves.

Of course, most real-world situations aren’t as infinitely patient as a pile of string – so factor #time into your strategy.