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273- Avoiding Threes

When two people meet, there is only one relationship to manage.

Managing one relationship is relatively easy if you’re observant and have good social skills; if one person is more #talkative, the other can balance the relationship by listening more. If one is feeling down, the other can cheer them up. If one prefers to sit in silence, the other can mirror the behaviour.

Four people and above also make for easy group dynamics – because you can always break the group down into smaller clusters – allowing for more opportunities for the group to find a state of balance.

But when three people meet, the triangle of interactions is the most delicate. No single person can balance the interactions unless the other two are also in sync, and it can be easy for one person to feel alienated.

Gatherings of three are the hardest to manage and require the best curation. Unless you’re confident that all parties will get along, avoid them.