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129- Stories and Legacy

Stories define our lives.

There are the stories we tell ourselves and the stories others tell of us. There is the #story we thought we were going to live, and there are the stories that we remember. Some accept the recount of our story as is, while others rewrite the story based on our actions.

A few of these stories may go down in history, while most will disappear gradually. Choosing which stories will endure and which ones will fade is something we can influence but is often beyond our control.

#Legacy is like a public Wikipedia profile. We can add to it, but the community is responsible for rewriting it. All we can do is strive to push the bar higher on the stories we live and tell.

ht: Conversation with Brenton Weyi

115- Storytelling on a spectrum

How do your memories of the past look, sound, and feel?

Depending on the medium we use to capture memories, how we remember them changes accordingly.

Photos and videos generally capture peak positive moments, while journaling might skew more introspective and intimate. Creating an art piece might immortalize a feeling while journals recorded for yourself are different than those recorded for an audience, irrespective of the medium.

To practice #storytelling on a spectrum helps us paint a broader picture of who we are, how we’ve lived, and the lessons we’ve learned.

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112- Revisiting the script of our past

I recently encountered someone new.

When I asked him to tell me his story, rather than speed through a pre-programmed script, he took his time to slowly unravel it as if he were discovering it for the first time.

I wanted to know why. Didn’t he already know his story by heart?

He told me that he uses every new recount as an opportunity to revisit every pivotal moment in his narrative, feel into it, and see if that #story was still serving him.

If our perception of the past has the power to affect our present-day beliefs, maybe it’s a good idea not to get married to a script that no longer serves us.

ht: Navin Ramachandran