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215- Looking at Intersections

When we try to evaluate how much something is worth, we often look at the value of individual attributes.

If we were to buy a computer, as an example – we would compare the specs: CPU speed, RAM, graphics card, battery life, screen quality, hard drive… as if getting the highest spec for the lowest dollar was the end goal.

But what we’re really looking for is a high-performance experience that requires more than having good individual components – it also requires great chemistry between them.

When we look at our goals and #relationships, we need to not focus on them in isolation. After all, it is the interaction between two systems that define success.

209- Animal Judgment

When’s the last time you felt judged or criticized by an animal?

Animals don’t care about how you look, dress, or sound. They care neither about your wealth, career ambitions, sexual orientation nor your politics, religion, or skin color.

Animals have no #judgment or ulterior motives. They only care about how you show up and the consistency with which you treat them.

Imagine how life would be if we could bring that same approach to our friendships and #relationships. Imagine how that would change the way we see ourselves.

145- Disposable Value

We live in a #disposable culture where the next best thing is waiting just around the corner. Anything that we break is an opportunity to replace it with something newer, shinier, and better.

As long as we have the cash to buy the next best thing, we can treat everything we own as disposable – especially as it becomes more and more convenient to replace the old with the new.

Unfortunately, this #mindset of disposability is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Once we start believing that something is disposable, we treat it as disposable.

We become careless, negligent, and outright abusive towards the products we own – confident that we can replace or upgrade them when needed.

But what happens when that same mindset permeates into our #relationships ? If we treat people as disposable, they become disposable. However, if we recognize them as irreplaceable, our thoughts, behaviors, and actions shift too.

Seeing value in all things requires just a tiny mindset shift. The rest quickly follows.

121- Essence vs. Worth

In the mining industry, the same rock pile can be worthless one day and valuable the next, even though the essence of what’s there is identical. Our collective perception of its scarcity, utility, and the story it tells creates or removes worth from an object.

We think of people in the same way.

While the #essence of who we are may remain unchanged, we tether our self-worth to the collective perception of how society sees us. But if we only allow ourselves to show up when and how we think others want us to, we’re limiting our essence from being used to its fullest potential.

Rather than focusing on extracting value from ourselves and others, why not explore the potential of what our essence could become?

ht: Conversation with Brenton Weyi