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147- Rejection milestones

Today, my friend celebrated his first grant #rejection of 2021.

His celebration was neither ironic nor bittersweet but sincere and genuine. Not because Rejection was his desired outcome, but because he recognizes that Rejection is a milestone towards his long-term career #success . So much so that his goal for 2022 is to be rejected 100 times.

Aspiring to fail forward removes our ego from the #decision -making process. It gives us permission to participate in projects we believe we’re not worthy of while also increasing the potential for serendipity and opportunity.

Imagine how much more we could do with our lives if every Rejection were an opportunity for celebration, every failed attempt a badge of honor to show off to our friends, every piece of criticism a testimonial towards our #potential for progress.

It is more effective for us to seek a hundred failures than limit ourselves to a few guaranteed successes.

94- Learn anything

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to be blown away by a musical performance, an eloquent speech, or a stunning physical feat.

When experienced intermittently, it has the power to infuse us with a sense of awe and to remind us of humanity’s (and by extension, our own) tremendous #potential .

Thanks to social media, however, we are constantly bombarded by the accomplishment of others. That endless deluge transforms what might have once been feelings of inspiration into one of paralysis.

I find it helpful to remind myself in those moments that learning anything only takes 20 hours and that taking action is just a quick google search away.

Feeling inspired? Do something about it.