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137- Belief in the possible

When I look back at any accomplishment in my life, it always began with the #belief that success was possible. And while the probability of #success wasn’t always high, deep down, there was always a firm belief that it was possible.

The belief that something is possible may not guarantee success, but it is fundamental to progress. Without it, we would not be capable of generating resilience, faith, or hope.

When we feel stuck, it is because we’ve lost the ability to see what’s possible and find ourselves focusing too much on what should be instead of what could be.

A helpful framework to reignite our imagination and rediscover that sense of what’s #possible is to ask ourselves:

Who could I be if I didn’t have to [do X]? [be Y]? [follow Z]?

Once we plant that seed of possibility, all we need is to remember to water it regularly and see where it takes us.

ht: Workshop with Jason Brown at Experience House