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170- Carving Life

There’s no undo button when woodcarving.

Every piece you cut, trim, or shave off is a piece you will never get back. While that might initially sound terrifying, you quickly realize that the key is letting go of what you were planning to do and adapting to what’s already happened.

Life is similar. Every action we take is irreversible on the one-way street of time. While we can always return and re-work a section and improve the outcome, there’s no undoing what’s already happened.

The key is to accept the present for what it is, take a step back to see the whole picture and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Focusing too narrowly on a situation without #perspective can often make things worst.

141- Changing Minds

Whenever we find ourselves in a #disagreement , our default reaction is to try and convince the other by throwing more facts, reasons, or examples their way – hoping that one of them will stick.

But when the other person’s beliefs are deeply entrenched, this #strategy can have the opposite effect.

Just like a slingshot, pulling too hard in one direction will eventually create a whiplash sending the person’s opinion further in the opposite direction.

An alternative strategy is to look at the barriers that prevent the other from seeing your #perspective and see if you can remove those instead.

Removing the rubber band from that slingshot as you try to pull someone back into your way of thinking might be the more effective strategy.

132- Reserve Judgment

I have a terrible habit of instantly judging people.

It comes from having an unwavering moral opinion on situations and having the need to slot them into binary categories of right or wrong.

The problem is that my judgments are often incorrect – which should come as no surprise since they come from incomplete information clouded with emotional bias.

If we’re more interested in the truth than in being right, holding back #judgment for as long as we can is crucial. It allows us to be curious and explore the “why” behind an action. It also challenges us to look at the situation from different perspectives to understand it better.