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117- Find humor in pain

It takes a fascinating detachment #mindset to find #humor in a painful situation.

First, humor cannot exist if your feelings of anger, resentment, and pain are too overwhelming.

Second, separation from the self and the specific situation is necessary to find humor in the pattern or context.

And finally, it invites the need to suspend judgment – since jokes hide in the spaciousness between assumptions.

The next time you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, start looking for the comedy in it. Even if you don’t find laughter, you’ll reduce the #pain by creating a sense of detachment.

108- Shed dead weight

A rocket requires a massive amount of energy to reach space.

For the rocket to break through the earth’s gravitational pull, a multistage rocket is required. What used to contain fuel eventually becomes dead weight as the rocket works to sustain escape velocity as it pulls away from the earth.

Similarly, bringing a vision to life requires a massive amount of energy.

The #pain , focus, and drive that gets us artists and entrepreneurs off the ground eventually stop serving us as we grow and evolve. Identifying which parts of ourselves we want to shed and which parts we want to keep is an essential process to hit the escape velocity that we crave.

ht: Matthew Patti

106- What’s the trigger?

I love it when people use the word “Triggered” to describe how they feel when an unpleasant situation occurs.

It takes the two-dimensional cause-and-effect structure of “When X happens, I feel Y” and adds a third dimension of historical context.

That third dimension not only invites a sense of curiosity but also makes the situation feel less personal.

Inevitably, it leads to great conversation while simultaneously building intimacy.

If you or the person you are interacting with is experiencing some level of emotional distress, ask what is triggering it. You may learn something new and diffuse the situation at the same time.


101- Convenience vs Truth

When someone asks an unexpected question, how do you respond?

Stuck between the discomfort of an unanswered question and the confusion of an uncertain answer, we often try to leap towards the first convenient answer.

But convenience is different from the truth.

Taking a pause and sitting with the discomfort is our best chance to learn something new. Rather than seeing the question as an inconvenience, think of it as an opportunity to look deeper.

Don’t let the desire to find a quick answer stop you from finding the right one.


98- Fighting to be a victim

I have a hard time leaning into the power of self-love.

Part cultural, part upbringing – I feel more defined by my struggles than by my gifts.

To me, success has always been synonymous to struggle, while the comforting blanket of self-love – an excuse for the complacent.

However, when I was prompted to revisit my beliefs, I began wondering why I was trying so hard to convince myself that the only way to achieve success was to shame myself into action and humiliate myself into learning – as if I had no choice but to be the victim in a tragedy of my own creation.

But I do have a choice. We all do. As the author, creator, and producer of the story of our lives – we can end this chapter and start anew.

I think I will. What about you?

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