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173- Dancing Progress

Every death in a pre-programmed video game is an #opportunity to come back and do things differently.

The experience you gain from watching the same patterns play out allows you to make a better decision the next time around.

Refusal to adapt to the constraints of the game guarantees failure.

But in real life, #patterns are more nuanced. The right decisions can lead to terrible outcomes, and the wrong choices can bring about unexpected rewards. Furthermore, these tiny #decisions compound over time, constantly pushing us towards or away from the ideal version of ourselves.

The only way to know if we’re trending in the right direction is consistent introspection without judgment. Recalibrating ourselves is a dance, not a battle. What matters most is that we keep dancing.

133- Avoiding Opportunity

Next to where I’m staying, there is a patch of bare land littered with trash. It’s home to two large dumpsters, a dozen stray cats, and the occasional visiting seagull.

It’s the kind of place we look away from as we walk past, as if averting our gaze might make the ugliness disappear.

One day, I decided to look closer instead and found beauty. Unlike their battle-scarred brethren in the wealthy city center, these strays were fat, healthy, and well-mannered thanks to locals, who would lay out food scraps every day when they took out the trash.

Rather than avert their eyes, the locals took the time to look and act.

With a simple routine change, they transformed an environment from one of scarcity into that of #abundance . What other opportunities might be hiding in the places we avoid looking?


131- Active Waiting

Forcing an issue and seizing an opportunity are opposite sides of the same coin. They’re both focused on bringing the desired outcome to life, yet one requires substantially more effort than the other.

Forcing an issue begins with attachment. The instigator is married to a process, story, or technique regardless of the situation. They demand that things unfold in a certain way because it should be so. And in doing so, they regularly find themselves fighting against social currents, exhausting themselves before any change has truly begun.

Seizing an #opportunity is the opposite. It’s about patience and observation with intention. It requires surrendering to the serendipity of life and waiting to see what possibilities may emerge. It isn’t an excuse for complacency but an acknowledgment that the best strategy might be a combination of preparation and timing.

Sometimes the most productive thing we can do is to wait actively and observe what’s emerging.