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139- Time, memory and perspective

#Time and #memory are two ingredients necessary to gain perspective of any situation.

Without time, we can’t see both the intended and unintended consequences of our decisions unfold. And without memory, we would not be able to benchmark the present or predict the future.

Unfortunately, our memory fades with time – and with that, so does our ability to gain valuable perspective on ourselves and the world around us.

Creating and maintaining a time-stamped record of our memories is fundamental to helping us learn and grow from our past experiences. It also allows us to build confidence in ourselves as we inevitably stumble across the conclusion that we will always figure it out.

For me, I journal and blog. What about you?

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115- Storytelling on a spectrum

How do your memories of the past look, sound, and feel?

Depending on the medium we use to capture memories, how we remember them changes accordingly.

Photos and videos generally capture peak positive moments, while journaling might skew more introspective and intimate. Creating an art piece might immortalize a feeling while journals recorded for yourself are different than those recorded for an audience, irrespective of the medium.

To practice #storytelling on a spectrum helps us paint a broader picture of who we are, how we’ve lived, and the lessons we’ve learned.

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