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146- Consequential and Irreversible Decisions

I’ve always considered my decisive nature to be a strength.

My ability to quickly assess a situation, come up with possible courses of action, and commit to a #decision in moments of high pressure, has allowed me to thrive in project-based environments where time is scarce and perfect is the enemy of done.

But when it comes to consequential and #irreversible decisions, that same decisiveness can transform into a costly weakness.

Whether it’s signing a contract with an indecisive but wealthy client, hiring a person that is a poor culture fit, or committing to a long-term lease in a place I hadn’t bothered to visit – taking that extra time to slow down and sit with the uncertainty is the better move.

Before committing to a decision, check first if the decision is consequential and irreversible. If it is, make sure to take the time to think about it and keep a decision journal to improve your decision-making process.

PS. Currently hunting for a co-living space in Lisbon! If you have any thoughts, let me know!