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217- How do you get inspired?

One of the most common interview questions that I hear asked to successful creatives is: “How do you get inspired?”

Inevitably, the answer is disappointing because it’s always the same: You combine inputs from the external world (through travel, books, or film) with your inner world (feelings, experiences, and knowledge) to create something unique to you.

Most of us have ideas all the time. They pop up in our conversations, dreams, and journals.

The question is whether we remember them when we need them.

A better question is: What techniques, routines, or habits do you use to remember and refine your best ideas?

Then you’ll have a list of exercises to try.

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212- Upcycling Old Insights

Today, I spent the morning browsing through my archive of daily thoughts.

With over 200 “lessons and #insights” recorded over 200 days, I found that surprisingly few of them had led to any meaningful shift in my being or behavior.

Like getting a stroke of #inspiration at a conference, insights alone are useless unless they get converted to routines, rituals, or habits that lead to long-term change.

We tend to look towards the future, searching for revolutionary new ideas, thoughts, and inspiration – but it might be more effective to upcycle old insights we already had but never acted upon.

After all, it’s easier to walk down a path you’ve already been on rather than forging a brand new one.