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151- Specificity Matters

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to back up Terabytes of photos and videos captured during my travels onto the cloud.

While every hotel, co-living, and Airbnb today offers free high-speed wifi as a standard, “high-speed” is surprisingly subjective, oscillating between upload speeds of 0.1 MB/sec and 100 MB/sec.

The difference in performance on both ends of the spectrum is dramatic: At 100 MB/sec, it would take me just two days to back everything up. At 0.1 MB/sec, it would take me over five years!

Labels, standards, and criteria exist to help us simplify complexity, set #expectations, and make good #decisions – but when they get too diluted, they lose their power and #purpose .

In a world filled with #greenwashing and false advertising, specificity helps. Don’t just hide behind a certification. Celebrate the precision and progress you’ve made over the years.