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233- Freedom From

#Freedom has always been one of my core values.

When I was younger, I wanted freedom to do many things.
I wanted the freedom to travel to exotic places, to acquire things I wanted, to meet interesting people, to create whatever I wanted to create, to be whoever I wanted to be and to do meaningful work.

As I’ve gotten older, my need for freedom hasn’t changed – but my relationship with it has started to shift. It’s become less about having the freedom to do something but rather freedom from things.

Freedom from stress, from isolation, from guilt, from financial worry, from performance pressure, from meeting the expectations of others.

While our core values may not change over time, the way in which we prioritize our relationship with them will.

Rather than just looking at values alone, sometimes it’s more interesting to look at the relationship between them.

Ht: Conversations with Kayleigh Stack