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135- Abundance, Excess and Enoughness

When we think about #abundance in nature, we picture an ecosystem in #balance – Thriving wildlife, ocean, and trees made possible by a stable, predictable climate.

But when we picture abundance through the lens of capitalism, we don’t imagine balance – we fantasize about excess. It’s all about the infinite growth of individuals with the ability to acquire whatever their heart desires whenever they want it.

But abundance and #excess are not the same.

An excess of water will drown a plant, while an abundance of water will allow it to #thrive .

To create abundance, we need to look beyond our desires and examine what “enough” actually means. Not just for ourselves but also for our relationships, environment, and communities.

ht: Conversation with Jeff Palmer

105- Entertainment and junk food

Entertainment is like junk food.

Fantastic in moderation but dangerous when overabundant.

At its best, it permits us to enjoy the present moment – to lay back, relax, and temporarily travel into another reality. That might be an epic movie, immersive experience, or maybe even someone’s Insta-perfect life.

But as we slip into #excess and escape – entertainment, just like junk food, can become a dangerous addiction.

Unfortunately for us, addiction equals engagement. Every like, comment, and subscribe – an incentive to tweak the algorithm to keep us just a little more dependant on that escape from feeling into the struggles and pain of being ourselves and living into our present reality.

So how much is healthy? Well, that’s for us to decide.