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201- Eavesdropping Bias

Observing your mind as you eavesdrop on a stranger’s conversation is a fascinating experience.

You get the opportunity to observe your biases in real-time as your mind tries to complete a story with limited pieces of information.

A fun exercise, is to write the assumptions as they pop up so you can have a reminder of the wrong assumptions you made along the way.

It’s helpful to remind ourselves how quickly we sometimes hop to conclusions. This will not only help us make better #decisions, but to be more forgiving and graceful to others when they falter too.

173- Dancing Progress

Every death in a pre-programmed video game is an #opportunity to come back and do things differently.

The experience you gain from watching the same patterns play out allows you to make a better decision the next time around.

Refusal to adapt to the constraints of the game guarantees failure.

But in real life, #patterns are more nuanced. The right decisions can lead to terrible outcomes, and the wrong choices can bring about unexpected rewards. Furthermore, these tiny #decisions compound over time, constantly pushing us towards or away from the ideal version of ourselves.

The only way to know if we’re trending in the right direction is consistent introspection without judgment. Recalibrating ourselves is a dance, not a battle. What matters most is that we keep dancing.

151- Specificity Matters

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to back up Terabytes of photos and videos captured during my travels onto the cloud.

While every hotel, co-living, and Airbnb today offers free high-speed wifi as a standard, “high-speed” is surprisingly subjective, oscillating between upload speeds of 0.1 MB/sec and 100 MB/sec.

The difference in performance on both ends of the spectrum is dramatic: At 100 MB/sec, it would take me just two days to back everything up. At 0.1 MB/sec, it would take me over five years!

Labels, standards, and criteria exist to help us simplify complexity, set #expectations, and make good #decisions – but when they get too diluted, they lose their power and #purpose .

In a world filled with #greenwashing and false advertising, specificity helps. Don’t just hide behind a certification. Celebrate the precision and progress you’ve made over the years.