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149- Faith and Potential

#Faith is a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, it enables the explorer, pioneer, or innovator to accomplish previously impossible feats. Their unwavering #belief in a successful outcome allows them to persevere in the face of contradicting evidence.

On the other hand, that same resilience can doom those individuals to a lifetime of frustration and futile pursuits – causing them to hold on to an idea or ideology that reality refuses to accept.

Simultaneously, that same Faith can shape us into an inspirational failure or corrupt us into becoming a predatory success.

Who we are and what we do are both byproducts of what we choose to believe. Having clarity on who we could be helps us ensure that our Faith in what we could do never gets in the way of our own potential.


137- Belief in the possible

When I look back at any accomplishment in my life, it always began with the #belief that success was possible. And while the probability of #success wasn’t always high, deep down, there was always a firm belief that it was possible.

The belief that something is possible may not guarantee success, but it is fundamental to progress. Without it, we would not be capable of generating resilience, faith, or hope.

When we feel stuck, it is because we’ve lost the ability to see what’s possible and find ourselves focusing too much on what should be instead of what could be.

A helpful framework to reignite our imagination and rediscover that sense of what’s #possible is to ask ourselves:

Who could I be if I didn’t have to [do X]? [be Y]? [follow Z]?

Once we plant that seed of possibility, all we need is to remember to water it regularly and see where it takes us.

ht: Workshop with Jason Brown at Experience House

97- Revisit Your Belief

“I am” statements are self-reinforcing. They can sometimes feel like a gift: I am loyal. I am honest. I am kind.

But they can also feel like a prison: I am disorganized. I am distracted. I am bad with money.

For those who want to grow beyond their limitations, one simple question might help change what currently is to what could be.

That question is: ” Are you willing to revisit that belief?”

The answer, for now, can be no. And that’s ok. But when you’re ready to say yes, the key to your shackles might be just around the corner.

ht: Andrew Kroeze


96- Milestone Visions

As we dive deep into ourselves and the future, the details that surround our dreams become so rough around the edges that our perspective of what’s possible also erodes.

But if we step the timeline forward from the penultimate dream to the nearest celebration milestone, that elusive vision can suddenly feel more tangible.

Imagine yourself celebrating a year from now. What are you celebrating? Where are you? Who is by your side? What have you achieved? Who helped you accomplish it? Who is giving you recognition? How does it make you feel? Who did you help along the way? What did it cost you to get there?

Now that you have the #vision start sharing it with those around you. Find the believes that will help you transform that dream into reality.

ht: Jason Brown