192- Success and Perfection

Yesterday, I had a meltdown.

After weeks of massive challenges in a project that was supposed to be a defining career piece – the one-ton art installation we had spent weeks working on was irreversibly bent out of position as it was hoisted into its final resting position.

With only hours to go before we had to leave the venue, there was no going back, and I felt like a total failure.

But after a quick cry to reset my emotions, I realized that the story I was telling myself of what was supposed to happen was completely different than the story that was expected of me.

My job was not to build anything perfect – After all, nobody knew what perfect was supposed to look like

My mission was to create something structurally sound, emotionally impactful, and dramatically different- and there was still time to do that.

Success is not measured by what we want to happen, it’s measured by what we need to happen.

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