361- Should, Could and Ought To

For the last year, I’ve been struggling to replace the word “Should” with “Could.”

The long list of things I used to tell myself I “should” be doing were filling me with a persistent state of guilt, frustration, and unworthiness.

On the flip side, a long list of things that “could” be possible felt much more invigorating and empowering… that is, until I stumbled on a bunch of “Shoulds” that didn’t feel like they could be replaced by “Coulds”

Our duty to protect other humans and the planet, for example, didn’t feel like an opinion that could be left to choice.

Recently, I learned that there’s another word that I could summon to replace the remaining “Shoulds” in my life; the term “Ought to.”

What we “Ought to do” is used to express obligations, suggestions, or advice that is ethically or morally correct… and those feel important to preserve.

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