154- Reputation and Narrative

Yesterday, I learned that Ryan Reynolds had been brought on to narrate a climate documentary that I was featured in.

Not one to normally be starstruck, I found myself unexpectedly excited and giggly as I watched the trailer. Something about the voice of Deadpool chronicling my comings and goings felt impossibly surreal.

After sharing the piece with my friends and family, I couldn’t help but notice something interesting: Ryan Reynolds got a whole lot of credit for just being Ryan Reynolds.

As the most famous and recognizable name brand in the production, the social currency and story he brought with his participation completely transformed the narrative of how people re-shared the project. #Stories are not only shaped through production. They’re also crafted through reputation. When bringing new collaborators into a project, it’s essential to consider how their presence alone might influence the narrative.

Luckily for me, Ryan has a pretty good reputation for being likable and kind. Even my mom loves him for his ugly-sweater fundraising efforts for children hospitals!

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2 years ago

Love it! interesting how a ‘celebrity’ endorsement can help good causes (and people like you!) and not just sell products. Stay well, have fun, keep up your important work!

Hope Walls
Hope Walls
2 years ago

I saw a meme that said “Ryan Reynolds is the Betty White of our generation.” Watched the doc and thought it was fantastic – what an amazing career you have, and such well-deserved coverage of the passion you have. <3

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