311- Relationship Reciprocity

To me, the strength of a relationship is mainly defined by its reciprocity.

While the frequency and depth of the connection may fluctuate, so long as both parties continue to nurture the relationship – it can keep evolving along with the needs of each party.

As a nomad with a large and diverse network, I sometimes find it hard to stay engaged with the various individuals in my life. I’ll find myself thinking of someone, not knowing what to say, and defaulting to silence – or being asked something, forgetting to reply because I’m busy, and failing to reciprocate the connection.

A friend of mine has been keeping in touch with someone for 3.5 years. Every day, they send each other 3 emojis. No words or conversations – unless one feels compelled to say something.

It makes me wonder: How many more relationships could I maintain if I lowered the barrier to entry for reciprocity?

Ht: Conversations with Jenny Stefanotti

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