161- Rapid Prototyping

Imagine that you have no choice but to play a dice game with me.

The rules are simple:

  • If you roll a six, I give you a million dollars.
  • If you roll anything else, I get a million dollars.

Terrible odds, right? Before rolling, you’re likely to hold onto the dice, shake it really hard, maybe even offer a little prayer before committing.

Now let’s imagine you get to roll 20 times – with the same rules as before.

You’d happily leap into action, knowing the odds were with you. Every roll becomes a low-stakes gamble and an opportunity to try one more time.

Instead of gambling when making big decisions, lower the stakes while accelerating the decision-making process by creating cheap and rapid prototypes until you land on the perfect solution.

ht: Workshop with Tom Chi: https://www.prototypethinking.live/

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