72- Practical success

When I first decided to go Vegan, I told myself that I would be a practical vegan, not a perfect one.

It was a promise to be kind to myself and others on the journey. To strive for improvement and not perfection. To design a system that I could commit to, rather than one that was unsustainable.

When I caught myself munching down a fistful of goldfish, only to realize it had cheese (duh) – I enjoyed what I knew was going to be my last bite of goldfish and gently put the bag away. When my mom cooked me cream of mushroom soup when I came home one night, I told her I could no longer eat that in the future but finished the meal anyways, not to waste it.

For some reason, I never designed that same practical attitude into my personal life and career. I beat myself up over expectations, mistakes, and imperfections. What might it look like to try to aspire for practical success?

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