234- Longing and Creation

In a world of infinite convenience and customer satisfaction, we’ve become almost allergic to the feeling of longing.

Living in a western society that caters toward instant gratification hints to us that if we feel unsatisfied, it’s something that we need to fix.

But the etymology of the word “longing” – is to reach for. It is a state that recognizes where we are and what it’s missing -but also holds space for the hope and possibility of what could be.

If we acknowledge it, it can become a place of aspiration and a source of inspiration. All we need to do is lean into the power of creation to transform that longing into something: a piece of art, a series of experiments, a new set of routines.

Don’t feel trapped by longing. Be empowered.

Ht: Podcast between Tim Ferris and Susan Cain

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