334- Ideas are like fruits

Ideas are like bananas after being plucked from a tree.

Initially, they’re green and hard.

They need a little time to sit and mature so that the enzymes within have time to break down starch into sugar and transform the fruit from sour to sweet.

Wait too long, however, and the fruit starts to decay.

Ideas, like fruits, have a half-life. It’s helpful to think them through, but overthinking it to the point of paralysis takes a perfectly good idea and drops it right into the compost bin.

If an idea is important to you, watch it carefully. Don’t let it go to waste.

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1 year ago

I needed this today. I’ve been feeling a little under-motivated. I can sometimes feel like I’m in over my head because my bananas are green AF right now, but I know the timing is right and the vision is good. Thanks for the tasty brain nuggets!!

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