164- Expected vs Unexpected Opportunities

As an artist and nomad with a mild phobia of long-term commitments, I prioritize serendipity and experiential learning over structured and systematic growth.

The possibility of stumbling across an unexpected collaborator during my travels that I can learn by osmosis is far more enticing than subscribing to a course on Coursera.

As a result, I’ve often missed out on opportunities lying right in front of me because I prioritize the new, the novel, and the unknown.

I recently decided to dive into my existing Rolodex that I’ve carefully built over time to see if I might find anyone interested in a skill trade. It turns out I already know so many people that reaching out to those existing relationships is far more effective than hoping to bump into the right person randomly.

Expected and unexpected opportunities surround us, and we must make space for both.

Ht: Conversation with Anna Tenne

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