52- Disproportional Grief

We’ve all experienced the moment when anticipation led to disappointment.

  • A birthday surprise, ruined because of a talkative friend.
  • A first date canceled, last minute after arriving at the venue.
  • A campaign launch, derailed by unexpected world events.

The accompanying feelings of grief, anger, and frustration come from losing the story we were planning on living vs. the story we now have to live.

In those moments, the intensity of our feelings is likely disproportional to the severity of the situation.

Before making any decisions or saying something you might regret, take a moment. Or two. Or three. Everything’s going to be ok.

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2 years ago

[…] are the stories we tell ourselves and the stories others tell of us. There is the #story we thought we were going to live, and there are the stories that we remember. Some accept the recount of our story as is, while […]

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