155- Discovery vs. Innovation

In the earliest days of any creative career, the hardest thing is to get noticed by the right people.

Since a few influential individuals hold the keys to the best-paid projects and the most prestigious opportunities, finding a way to be discovered is essential, even for the luckiest and most privileged.

But being discovered is only half the battle. Nobody wants to become a one-hit-wonder, where their best days are behind them.

The other half of sustaining a creative career is ensuring you maintain the respect and attention of the individuals you’ve already acquired.

To keep getting hired for your creativity, it’s essential to remain relevant. And relevancy requires innovation.

Balancing the need for #discovery and #innovation is challenging, but we cannot be successful unless we make time for both. If balancing both is too hard, simply focus on one at a time.

ht: Conversation with Karen X

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