274- Demisexual Dating

I recently learned that I am a Demisexual.

A #Demisexual doesn’t feel sexual attraction in the absence of an emotional connection, and that tiny realization has created a ripple of confusion about how one should approach dating.

My perception of western dating culture is that the end goal – is to find a way to escalate into physical intimacy. However, my experiences have been so platonic that I often find it hard to differentiate between a date and a pleasant hang-out with a new person.

Additionally, the knowledge that I may be playing a different game with different rules makes me feel like the confusion that I’m experiencing sends mixed signals to those I meet.

But after doing several dating post-mortems, it seems like most of the confusion I experience lives exclusively inside my mind.

Every interaction is, by default, a unique byproduct of the chemistry and compatibility of both parties.

The real question is not worrying about what society expects but thinking through what I want. The rest is just good communication.

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