150- Content vs Context

Most of the #content we create for the digital world is one-directional. We think of something, post it and forget about it. 

Some of it disappears, while most slowly transforms into a stagnant digital archive of who we were, what we thought, and how we felt. 

Since the platforms on which we post incentivize new content, we start thinking of content as disposable – valuable only in the present context in which it exists. 

But as the present context of our content slowly vanishes, so too does the value of our digital archive. 

Lately, I’ve been trying something new – To focus less on content creation and more on #context creation. Like a Wikipedia page that stays relevant only because it is constantly being updated and recontextualized, I am spending less time creating new content and focusing more on building updated context around who I amwhat I want, and what I’ve learned.

It’s slower and more tedious, but content is more valuable when evergreen rather than obsolete. What do you think?

PS. I’ve been using Mythos (https://mythos.one/) to create my context library. If you’re curious, check it out!

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