166- Ambition and Permission

When it comes to big, bold action around climate change and sustainability, we often try to encourage ambition. We invite our colleagues to develop audacious milestones, unique initiatives, and inspiring visions for 2030, 2040, or 2050.

But ambition alone isn’t enough unless it comes with permission.

Novel initiatives often exist in a hostile environment that prioritizes short-term gains and business KPIs – especially when they touch a companies core product or service offering. As a result, disrupters and their allies find themselves working against existing short-term business and career incentives.

To rebalance the power dynamic, top-down permission to pursue change is also required.

Permission not just for the designated few whose priority is #sustainability or climate – but #permission for every employee to take the time, money, resources, expertise, and career risk to pursue those big, bold visions and milestones.

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