93/365 – ” What do you like about me ? “

93/365 – ” What do you like about me? ”

Today, I asked a relatively new friend what they liked about me.

Listening to people answer this question is always fascinating – – not because I’m trying to fish for compliments, but rather because I get the chance to understand what people value within our relationship.

Often, we might find ourselves pouring a lot of energy into something that might not be noticed or appreciated – while actions we thought were insignificant become treasured by the other person.

The question is an opportunity to reflect not only on how you are perceived by the other but also to think about the invisible relationship dynamics that exist within the system.

The more you value the person or relationship in your life, the more interesting the question becomes.

If you’ve already asked, try asking again. The answer may have changed.


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Claude Schryer
1 year ago

Ah, I was just thinking about relationships this morning as presented in this podcast https://greendreamer.com/podcast/stacy-alaimo-deep-blue-ecologies and how humans are so… obsessed with other other when we can be friends with other living beings too, right? See you

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