92/365 – ” What’s keeping you from taking on that project you want to do? “

92/365 – ” What’s keeping you from taking on that project you want to do? ”

Over the years, my projects have grown in complexity.

I started with photos, added a video layer, began sprinkling some marketing and comms, and most recently topped it off with an experiential component.

As a result, costs have gone up, and the speed at which I’m able to bring ideas to life has slowed to a crawl because I spend all my time waiting for the perfect pieces to fall into place.

In other words, my go/no-go threshold for me to take on a project or campaign is exceptionally high.

Something I’ve been working on this year is figuring out how to lower that threshold.

What is the minimal viable impact? Minimum acceptable budget? Minimal-sized team?

I’m still trying to figure it out, but if you want to play – do let me know.


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Claude Schryer
1 year ago

Hum… Lower thresholds sounds like a double edged sword dangling over the poverty line but I think I know what you mean. ๐Ÿ™‚

Minimal viable impact : whatever your heart tells you.

Minimum acceptable budget: reciprocity and dignity will guide you.

Minimal-sized team : 0 (e.g. maybe some or-injects remain on the shelf until their time arrives and then they suddenly become BIG).

Thx for the daily question. You’ve got me hooked.

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