86/365 – ” How do you compensate for different weaknesses? “

86/365 – ” How do you compensate for different weaknesses? ”

As someone with a relatively low amount of emotional intelligence, I try to compensate by regularly broadcasting my emotional state, giving those around me a heads-up if I notice myself becoming more easily irritable, frustrated or stressed.

I find that this helps others to recalibrate their expectations of what to expect when communicating with me. Should they bother me now or give me space? Should they expect me to be emotionally available or not?

It only works on some people – but when it works, it at least gets us a foundation to work from to help ease misunderstandings.


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Claude Schryer
1 year ago

At dinner last night we talked about empathy and kindness and how these are lacking in our culture. You’re right that there are ways to signal and control our states in order to avoid misunderstandings. I think humility helps, as does listening. Thanks for sharing.

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