78/365 – ” What’s a superpower you have but don’t use? “

78/365 – ” What’s a superpower you have but don’t use? ”

We are all gifted with certain superpowers.

Unfortunately, our interests are only sometimes aligned with our skills.

For example, I am a reasonably good video editor – but I hate sitting in front of a computer to edit videos. If I enjoyed editing, I could quickly go from good to great – but I don’t.

Instead, I prefer to play with my hands – building and designing physical things, even though I’m (currently) not very good at it.

But there are probably other opportunities to leverage existing superpowers that are fun to do, that I happen to be good at, that make the world a better place, and that I can get paid for.

Definitely a question worth meditating on.


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Claude Schryer
1 year ago

One underused ‘super power’ is not doing, e.g. stop doing harm such as carbon emissions. It takes the extraordinary power of discipline and restraint which few can do and yet we are capable of. Thx for your daily provocations. They are good way to start the day.

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