74/365 – ” What do the pauses in your life look like? “

74/365 – ” What do the pauses in your life look like? ”

In visual art and music, the pause between the notes or the negative space within an image is vital to the piece’s composition.

More notes do not necessarily lead to a better piece, in the same way, that adding more color to a painting doesn’t necessarily improve the image.

Similarly, increasing productivity only sometimes leads to better outcomes.

When designing our lifestyle, remember to consider the pauses. They’re just as important.


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Claude Schryer
1 year ago

Pauses. Not necessarily silent but could be. Sone say that silence is the content and sound is only filler. I say yes to pauses of all kind, to the point where pauses become the essence of life not the rest, but ‘rest’ is also good. This is my first daily thought dear Ben. Thanks for sharing. Pause.

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