72/365 – ” What kind of optimist are you? “

72/365 – ” What kind of optimist are you? ”

We’ve all had friends who are Time Optimists – the ones that show up late to events, that consistently underestimate how much time it takes to do something, or who obliviously make plans that can never work because there are simply not enough hours in the day.

Frustrating as it may be to deal with them – once you understand the pattern, it’s relatively easy to adapt.

Much harder to gauge are interactions with the Energy Optimists – those that get swept up in the excitement of the present and over-commit their future selves to too many activities.

The problem isn’t that they don’t show up. On the contrary, they always show up – but it comes at a cost to their long-term happiness because they feel overcommitted all the time.

In general, optimism is useful – but only if it helps us to become the best version of ourselves.


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