69/365 – ” What do you invest your time doing? “

69/365 – ” What do you invest your time doing? ”

For the last three days, I’ve invested hours with my dad to build a basic-ass workbench in my new studio.

We scavenged used tabletops from Facebook marketplace that we had to drive, pick up, and unload. We then had to measure, design, cut, and reassemble the whole thing in my studio – And before I knew it, the entire weekend was gone.

Nothing about the workbench is exciting or memorable, except that the wood we used for the legs came from a bulk scrap sale my dad purchased 30 years ago for $25.

The time and effort cost of making something mundane is equal to building something fun and creative. We have the same number of free hours, regardless of how we choose to spend them.

Whether we invest those hours in something exciting or mundane is entirely up to us.


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