66/365 – ” Who do you serve? “

66/365 – ” Who do you serve? ”

As we gear up to build the Activism Studio, our brand new non-profit, a recurring question we’ve been struggling to answer is, ” Who do you serve? ”

It’s a question that I’ve struggled to answer throughout my career since the art I create doesn’t seek to serve a specific demographic, community, or company.

If anything, my art is powerful precisely because it is broad and aspires to support all people and the planet – supporting individual environmentalists, progressive government policies, and mission-aligned corporations equally.

But a conversation today with some friends from Exposure Labs, the geniuses behind Chasing Ice, Chasing Coral, and the Social Dilemma, finally shed some light on the perfect word to describe who I serve.

I serve Movements. The movement against rampant consumerism. The movement against single-use plastics. The movement for artists to become better activists.

Funny how the right word can give us so much clarity.


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