65/365 – ” Do you have a tragic flaw? “

65/365 – ” Do you have a tragic flaw? ”

Compound eyes on a fly are made from over 8,000 different lenses.

These eyes gives them the phenomenal ability to detect movement all around them in both polarized and UV light.

However, their eyes come with one glaring flaw: They can’t focus. To the fly, everything is always a blur – that’s why they can’t navigate around windows and occasionally fly so hard into them that they end up killing themselves.

Whether through nature or nurture, we all have similar blind spots – one or many tragic flaws that have the potential to lead us to our eventual downfall.

But if we can build awareness of these weaknesses early enough, we might just be able to buy ourselves enough time to design systems, relationships, and routines to compensate for them.


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