59/365 – ” Do you know your triggers? “

59/365 – ” Do you know your triggers? ”

I’ve never fancied myself a good teacher.

I’m not very patient or nurturing, especially when my prospective students do a terrible job of listening – and I hate it when I get asked a question that I feel has a self-evident answer.

So when my friend complimented me on my teaching skills yesterday after I taught her how to breathe fire, I was extremely surprised.

In my mind, I hadn’t done anything differently or unique when teaching her… so why did she feel differently about my teaching skills?

Upon further reflection, it wasn’t so much that I had lousy teaching skills; I just have a tendency to become a terrible teacher when I get triggered.

Understanding our triggers allows us to communicate our needs better to maintain the best version of ourselves. If we can’t avoid being triggered, maybe it’s time to avoid being in that situation.


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