56/365 – ” What’s your user manual? “

56/365 – ” What’s your user manual? ”

Every product ever designed comes with an accompanying user manual.

When something goes wrong, we have a tool we can reference that helps us to resolve the most common issues.

But when it comes to relationships and people, these guides don’t exist. And without a simple reset button to fall back on, it’s no wonder that misunderstandings happen regularly.

Very few people take the time to think through what their personal user manual might contain, let alone take the time to write it out.

It’s a new practice I’ve begun to adopt with high-stake friendships and relationships I’m looking to deepen, like the one with my co-founder, and I have to say – it’s been surprisingly rewarding.

Most social norms don’t optimize for depth of community or connection, but we have the opportunity to rework our own.


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