50/365 – ” Are you giving yourself space to transition? “

50/365 – ” Are you giving yourself space to transition? ”

After a Tarantula molts out of its old skin, it needs over a week to recover from the exhaustion.

During that time, its exoskeleton becomes so soft and vulnerable that even an innocuous cricket could hurt it. Until their skeleton and fangs harden, they rest, do spider-yoga, and take the time to get used to their new bodies before throwing themselves back into the world.

Transitions take time, even for the most fearsome of predators.

As we move through life, we find ourselves going through many continuous and often overlapping transitions; relationships, career, space, health, spirituality… the list goes on.

But once in a while, enough changes happen simultaneously for us to feel like a new person. A new version of ourselves.

In those moments, we may need to put on the brakes and take a proper break to focus on being – before moving back into a space of doing.


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