365 days – One Final Thought

A whole year has gone by since I started this little project.

Compared to previous years, this year felt particularly vivid and alive. This year, I wasn’t allowed to let a single day go by on autopilot.

Because of a simple daily practice of writing and sharing an image, I had to take at least an hour every day for 365 straight days to ask myself: How have I affected others? What did I learn? What moments of joy did I experience? Who did I choose to spend my time with? How have I changed?

When I first started, I thought my goal was to improve my writing skills. But looking back, the true gift was the spaciousness for reflection and integration of thoughts I found meaningful and interesting.

For the next year, I’m thinking of asking 365 days of questions. It’s hard to ask a question and not look for the answer.

I’m not sure how the format will work, but I’m pretty sure the journey will be fascinating. I look forward to seeing where we end up!

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