29/365 – ” What challenges can you reframe as opportunities? “

29/365 – ” What challenges can you reframe as unique opportunities? ”

Yesterday, a friend came to visit me in Montreal.

I was excited to show her around town – but all my plans got washed away with the rain. The gorgeous hikes, outdoor festivities, and adorable patios I had initially planned to take her to were no longer an option.

But rather than get too caught up on what was no longer possible, we decided to reframe our experience to focus on how rain could be a desirable ingredient in our escapades.

Waiting in line under an umbrella is an opportunity to snuggle and share a moment of intimacy. Hot cocoa with cold, wet clothes is infinitely more comforting than during a carefree sunny day. And nothing beats the feeling of being in an outdoor jacuzzi in the pounding rain.

When we began to see the rain as a gift rather than a curse, we also started noticing the rainbows of opportunities that came with it.


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