18/365 – “What was easy to learn and hard to practice?”

18/365 – “What was easy to learn and hard to practice?”

After testing positive for COVID post-Burning Man, I had an angry rush of familiar feelings engulf me like an unpredictable dust storm. Annoyance that all my plans had to change. Frustration around trying to find a place to stay. Anxiety around making the right decisions.

The strength of my emotions was astonishing, considering I had just spent an entire week practicing detachment from outcomes.

Like a rubber band held tightly before being released back into the world, my subconscious had no problems snapping into old familiar patterns.

Thankfully, I could recognize the pattern, wrestle back my emotions, and lean into it while whispering to myself: ” There’s probably an opportunity hiding here. I’m just not quite sure what it is just yet. ”


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