16/365 – ” What are you looking to invite in?”

16/365 – ” What are you looking to invite in?”

As I gear up for Burning Man, thinking about the kind of experience I’m hoping to invite in, I find myself thinking about all the unfortunate events I don’t want to happen rather than envisioning what I hope will happen.

In other words, I see problems instead of possibilities.

To solve this conundrum, I created an alter-ego dubbed Rex, inspired by a little t-rex necklace gift I recently received.

If Von Wong focused on problems, could Rex focus on possibilities? If so, what might those be?

Inventing an alter-ego to hold space for an alternate way of thinking has felt much easier than trying to override 35 years of instinct.


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1 year ago

There’s a thing in the world of psychedelics called set and setting. It refers to a) your state of mind going into the experienced and b) the physical location which could include any- and everything from the clothes you wear and the seat you choose to the time of day and the people with you. I have recently adopted this idea and translate to a broad idea wherein intent and context applies to life as a whole. Whether you can curate your “setting” depends on how much control you’ll have… and at burning man I feel like on a scale of 1-10 it’s sitting around -2 to -75… but your mindset you can definitely master.

My only suggestion is that you shift from participating as alter ego (an entity related to but separate from yourself) to participating as yourself and keeping your alter ego as a talisman or touchstone to ground yourself when/if needed. Otherwise, you risk recalling the experience as a third person, and nobody likes hearing someone talk about themselves in the 3rd person even if it’s as a t-Rex…

Go forth and be fierce and fearless! ❤️

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